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videos / Chasing our own tail

Using as a pretext the closure of El Bodegón, an acting initiative in Bogotá from 2005 to 2009, a documentary video was produced to give an account of the specificities of a context that favors the conception of an initiative of that nature, as well as the maintenance of practicing during 4 years, and finally the dissolution. In this sense, this documentary has a double purpose: being a memory document —If you want— of these kinds of initiatives; and also unveiling the specificities of a context of a certain period, around the nature of these specificities, the bonds with the ‘institutional’ and its autonomy and self-management conditions, or no-conditions.

The image of a dog spinning around itself in a very fruitless effort, unsuccessfully trying to bite its tail to —perhaps— never come to get it, it always recalls the idea of a dumb effort of someone who, blinded by its own goal, is just unable to see what he/she is after, it becomes in the same thing he/she is eluding; It is at this point in which we launch some questions about the conditions that have to do with all of these initiatives that imply our very own workforce in these attempts, what are we looking for? How is the best way to get it? Are these efforts really alternative or different from the established dynamics?